About Me

Photo Credit: My dad and I before going for a test drive.

About Me

I am a mathematician, data scientist, and self driving car engineer. I am interested in work that requires creative approaches to implementing analytical solutions.

What kind of projects I am currently working on:

  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Deep learning using TensorFlow (and sometimes Keras) for classification
  • Real-time interactive visualizations using Unity or Unreal Engine 4
  • Virtual Reality instances of the above

What would I like to work on soon:

  • Machine Intelligence generated artwork
  • Self operating vehicles
  • Video game A.I. (e.g. StarCraft or League of Legends)

Life Goal:

  • Participate in the National Outdoor Leadership School Year in Patagonia Program

A bit more about myself:

My favorite color is green. If I could choose to have dinner with anyone, it would be Elon Musk. Han Solo shot first. I thoroughly enjoy weightlifting, CrossFit, playing video games, hiking, camping, and board games with friends. I switch back and forth between reading sci-fi and fantasy, but I’ve picked up several good biographies via Audible. I am, without a doubt, most assuredly, a dog person.

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